At Be Happy Support, we are truly focused and committed on providing person centred care. We provide support for vulnerable young adults and 18+ in the community with autistic spectrum conditions and/learning disabilities.

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Excellent service, really listened and catered to what was needed. The support given really helped for a smooth transition. Activities provided are so beneficial. Great service and definitely will be using again if needed. Would Recommend for anyone.

Keza Amanda

Great communication, answered all of my questions/ worries, and there has been a LOT! First visit, we was made to feel comfortable, and relieved that we found someone to help support us. This service is EXACTLY what we need more of! Thank you for listening, giving us time, and understanding!

Tiffany Cousland

A company that really cares about providing outstanding person centred support and care for its clients.

Sam Asare

Always going the extra mile to support vulnerable adults to be independent and enjoy a positive quality of life.

Shannan Parry

We've been using Be Happy since the summer after our PA left after many years

We were worried about using a care provider or agency, but after many meetings we felt ready to let them into our home

Recently I have been in hospital and Be Happy were here for a week day and night to look after my husband and daughter

Knowing who was coming in, sleeping here and when really helped put my mind at ease while in hospital

( THE same person did each night and there was just 1 other person for 2 days

Which was great as we don't want lots of different people in our home)

Then when I came home they stayed a few more days while I recovered

We don't see Kubby as our PA

He has very quickly become 1 of the family and a friend

He goes the extra mile and is always checking if we need anything

He's been very proactive at researching my husbands interests and has made sure that these are encouraged

There's no stuffiness he sees our good days bad days hectic days and crazy days

He very quickly got our very strange sense of humour

I'm a little nervous about recommending them as a company because I'm worried the bigger they get the less personal the service will become

But if you are after that bit of extra help then give them a call and arrange a meet up.

Ruth Walters

Can’t thank the company enough for what they do, always go above and beyond for there clients and families

Charlotte Alexander